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Basic Information

  • Gender: MALE
  • Date of Birth: 1969/10/08
  • Residence: Hlj Prov. China
  • Work Experience:>10 years
  • Current Salary: ¥0-40,000
  • Address: Nanjuzhai Minzhu 5, Qiqihar,Hlj Prov,CN
  • Zip Code: 161002
  • Email:
  • Mobile: 086-15845661821
  • Home Tel: 08604528077768
  • Work Tel: +1(224)5729692
  • Website:

Self Assessment

adaptive to learn, insatiable for mastering, always being engaged with new ideas and motivations,flowingly inspired by great artworks made by team works.

Work Experience

  1. 2003/01--Present:qiqihar railway rolling stock co,Ltd.
    • Industry: Machinery, Equipment, Heavy Industries
    • media center Web Designer/Production/Creative
    • Build a trial dynamic website for the company to replace the current static pages based quite some multimedia for some departments' gatherings on demand and earn lots of praises.
  2. 1992/11--2002/12:qiqihar railway rolling stock co,Ltd
    • Industry: Machinery, Equipment, Heavy Industries
    • news center Photographer
    • In charge of headings and channel package.I did variable relevant jobs of the cable tv station and gain a full insight on media office.
  3. 1991/09--1992/10:qiqihar railway rolling stock co,Ltd
    • Industry: Machinery, Equipment, Heavy Industries
    • cable TV station Journalist / Reporter
    • Worked in the dep. Documentary.Finished scripting,shootting,editing and all stuff by myself,gained a well around knowledge of the process of a tv station.

Career Objective

  • Type of Employment: Both Full-time And Part-time
  • Desired Industry: Computers, Software , Professional Services (Consulting, Human Resources, etc), Advertising , Print Media/Publishing , Education/Training
  • Desired Salary: 3,000-4,499 /Month
  • Desired Position: Trainee, Web Operations Manager/Supervisor, Web Designer/Production/Creative, Artistic/Design Director, Multimedia Design


1987/09--1991/07 Nankai university Philosophy Ethnics Included Bachelor

Was taught maxism,chinese philosophy,western philosophy,western modern philosophy.Learned to analyse phenomena to grasp the essence of things.In spare time I read a lot of modern classics and art history books ,haunted art museums and galleries.


  • 2002/10--2002/11 China TV Artists Association 3DSMAX & post effect process seminar Breakup certificate
    • the seminar was hosted by autodesk authorized teacher,Chenhao,teaching 3dsmax modeling and animation,as well as video composing with AE & combustion.
  • 1993/10--1993/11 3ds course Breakup Certificate
    • Was tutured 3ds modeling and animation.


My works:

view headings online

view headings online

download and install to view my multimedia work

Project Experience

  1. 2002/11--Present:to prepare for the company's website renewal
    • Software Environment: dreamweaver,php,
    • Development Tools: php
    • Project Description: The company I worked for now has a static website consisted of web pages.I try to build a database-drived dynamic one.With php and mysql ,
    • Responsibility: in full responsibility.thoroughly self-made.
  2. 2001/10--2002/10:renew or start from scratch to package the channel.
    • Development Tools: after effect,combustion,digital fusion,shake,3dsmax,maya,illusion,flash,etc.
    • Project Description: Package the channel used to broadcast company news and documentaries.Design its idea,image,headings,and some key promotion documentaries.
    • Responsibility: in full responsibilities.

Language Skills